Friday, August 2, 2013

Utah - Visiting the Redds

Sunday (21st) we spent most of the day relaxing, which was much needed. We had thought we may be going to church, but it didn't work out in the end. I took the kids to find some breakfast (a little tricky in a town where everything is closed on Sunday) at a little Café that ended up being right next to our Thai restaurant! And then we headed to find a playground. I remembered driving by a cute elementary school, so we went there and the playgroundS were all amazing. The kids quickly decided that we should move to Provo and they should go to THAT school :-)!
We hung out back at the RV where I did some laundry and Mike took the kids swimming in the RV park pool. They had been dying to swim there! And they must really be missing pools because it was just a little teeny square, but it made their day! It was my first alone time in quite awhile so I thoroughly enjoyed it :-)! We had a late lunch/early dinner at Sizzler, which was Mike's choice and the kids loved it because they got dessert at the end.
That evening we headed up to American Fork to visit with Heber and Chalonn and their kiddos. They were living in Seattle last year so we saw them on our road trip last summer and are another family that moved right onto our route this summer...thanks guys :-). Ella and London really hit it off this time around. All the kids loved playing at their house and were so sad that we were leaving after only a few hours (it was late). I was proud of myself for remembering to take pictures of Mike and Heber together this time...and they loved it, haha! I love to see Mike together with his old friends. No one makes him laugh like they do :-)!
We found my super old Oakleys in the car and Preston rocked them the ENTIRE trip :-)
If you can't tell, Mike is dying in the corner as they watch some of their old movies. These boys made some pretty hilarious little films :-).
the kiddos, minus Halle who was already in bed

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Chalonn said...

Love this post! FUN!!!