Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yosemite - Farewell

We were supposed to have another full day and night in Yosemite but because we ended up renting an RV, we had to get on the road by Thursday afternoon to have it back to UT Friday. Thursday morning was much chillier than the previous one and the kids were excited to have hot chocolate around the fire :-). Mike got the fire going and then headed out to do a little solo fishing while the kids and I hung around camp. I was able to sit and read by the fire while the kids played. When Mike got back he had the idea to make a little time capsule and bury it. I don't know if the kids really understood the concept, but they had fun putting all kinds of random things inside of it :-). We picked a good spot to bury it and we'll see if we can find it when we are back in a couple years.
It took some time to pack up, hook the car back up and get everything ready to go. We stopped for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant on our way down the mountain, stopped by McDonald's for some free Wi-Fi and Carl's Jr for a cool playground and then we were back on the road. We were able to see nearly all of Yosemite on our way back towards Utah and there are definitely some beautiful places that we want to try and see more of when we go back!
We also had another exciting RV experience. We were on the narrow roads winding up and down the mountains when we heard a huge almost explosion sound. I screamed and Mike realized he no longer had a rear view mirror on his side. The car that was behind us when it happened pulled over and told us when we passed another RV heading the opposite direction the two rear view mirrors hit perfectly and both shattered to nothing. Their teenage son told us it was pretty awesome :-). We think that since the mirrors stick out so far that they both must have been right over the yellow line and happened to line up at the right moment. It made driving even more fun for Mike, but we made it back and the rental company only charged us $120 which wasn't too bad :-).
We had planned to stop and sleep for a few hours but Mike said he was feeling good and kept on going. We made it to Provo around 4am and slept a few hours before heading back to Heber and Chalonn's to unload the RV and return it.

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