Saturday, September 21, 2013

Addie's First Lost Tooth!

Addie has anxiously been awaiting losing her first tooth. Many of her friends have lost multiple teeth already and Addie's have been taking their time to come out. Early last week during dinner she told us that her tooth was hurting and when we checked it was nice a lose. Addie couldn't believe it and didn't leave her tooth alone after that. She really, REALLY wanted to lose it during school so she could get a little treasure box to put it in. On Sunday (the 15th) I was sitting in Relief Society when the primary president came in to me. I was worried one of my children was misbehaving (not that that's ever happened before, haha) but she handed me a ziploc bag and told me Addie's tooth had come out in class. My first thought was, "oh no! She is going to be so sad she didn't lose it at school!" and sure enough the primary pres told me she made some comment about it :-). Luckily the excitement of losing her first tooth was enough that she wasn't too upset about the timing though. She couldn't wait to put her tooth under her pillow that night. In the morning she had forgotten all about it until I asked her if the tooth fairy came. When she saw the dollars she told me she was going to try to lose more teeth soon :-)! Hooray for Adeline!
in the car after church

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apewinterton said...

It's so funny how they really want to lose them at school. It's the same with my girls. :)