Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And Some More

It's hard to keep up with taking pictures of our life along with all the others I'm taking, but I did get some of our morning one day last week. We have managed to really get our morning routine down this year and it has been going incredibly smoothly...I'm pretty proud of us :-). I have been driving the girls to school this year. Even though they are the last stop on the bus, it was just never the same once we got our new bus driver last year and the district consolidated routes making the buses more crowded. The girls both wanted me to drive them and I really don't want the start of every school day to be more stressful than needed. We are close to the school and we have found when we get to the school on time, the line is super short and fast so it's only takes a few minutes.
Here is how our typical mornings go...the kids wander into our room between 6:15am and 6:45am (Preston is usually at the early end and Ella at the late end with Addie in the middle). We turn on PBS kids and let ourselves wake up while lying around watching Martha Speaks. The show ending is our cue to head downstairs for breakfast. Smoothies are first most mornings and while the kids drink those I get food ready (Addie is almost always cereal, Ella and Preston have frozen waffles or pancakes most of the time) and then start making lunches. All the kids have been favoring rice cake sandwiches over bread ones so far this year. I would love to know what their teachers think about that :-). As they finish their breakfast they clear their spots and head upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed as I finish the rest of the prep in the kitchen (we put out outfits the night before). They have to be heading upstairs by 7:30am to stay on schedule and most of the time they are done a little earlier than that. When I head upstairs I do hair and then they get to play and relax until it's time to go (by 8am). I get myself ready and we are out the door on time.
It has made the mornings so much more pleasant to finally have this down and I'm not sure why it seems better. We pretty much did the same thing last year but maybe because we weren't in charge of when the bus came it seemed more stressful? Who knows. Sometimes the kids watch more PBS, the girls get their piano practicing sometimes, and most often Preston and Addie play in Addie's room and Ella reads.
After we drop off the girls, Preston and I either head back home and wait for his turn to go to school or we are off to the gym. I think we all look forward to Saturday and Sunday though where we have more leeway in what we do when we wake up :-).
and more phone pics from the rest of last week...
It actually felt "cool" after school Tuesday so we stayed to play a bit
More picture from Preton's "little" school teacher
Addie started a new art class on Wednesdays. This time we pretended she was already 7 so she could do a painting class :-). She loves it so far!
Waiting in the car pool line to drop off Preston Thursday morning. We both decided we don't like the line in the morning so I walk him in now.


Katie Bradley said...

Are these some of the photos taken with the new camera? They feel different. That must be so exciting to try out!

Marci said...

Katie, they are and since it is a full frame camera, my lenses capture more area which is pretty exciting!