Monday, September 16, 2013

And then it was Preston's turn

Since Preston had to wait 2 whole weeks from when the girls started school until his first day we had many, many, MANY conversations about when his school would start. I don't think he could believe it was really here when he got up Monday morning (Sept 9th) and it was time to pack his backpack and go. This was first day round one at his "little school" and he could not wait to play on the "playground that's in their house"!!! He did not want to wear a polo shirt and only agreed to this one finally since it is favorite color. In fact, he wore orange shirts the ENTIRE first week of school :). I wish his favorite color was blue instead. Preston had so much fun and couldn't wait to go back on Wednesday. He talked my ear off the whole way home about all the cool things he did. I'm so happy for him to finally have something fun to do every day!
That afternoon he rode his bike with me to get the girls (we've been trying this as a way to limit the complaining I hear about how hot and tired he is when we walk to get them at the back of the school...granted it is ridiculously hot!). It is helping for the most part :-). I tried to get some pictures last week of some of our everyday homework on this day.
his teacher sent these pictures...
And Monday night I had to do my mom homework for Preston's "big school" the next day. I had very specific instructions to follow and was surprised, and relieved, to find I actually had an old tube of lipstick to make my kiss mark :-)!

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apewinterton said...

Preston has gotten so big. I'm volunteering for Hannah's class now, and I was remembering how we used to switch off on Fridays. Preston was in an infant car seat then!