Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last Weekend's Events

We kicked off the weekend fun with Grandparents Day lunch at the elementary school. I have long hated the strict rules about being able to take pictures during school but this year I will have lots of access since I am the official yearbook photographer haha :-). I may not need an extra thing to do, BUT it will be worth to have my own pictures of events like this finally! Plus, our yearbook will rock and I'm friends with the other ladies in charge.
Saturday after Preston's meet the teacher we headed over to the Katy Aquatics pool party. Ella LOVES this event so we were required to go :-). It is a lot of fun though. She also requested pictures with each of her coaches (she has loved them all so far) and had fun in the hula hoop contest, although the limbo was my personal favorite.
And Sunday we took it easy and finished up our Monopoly game from last week. I'm really trying to make sure we do more family activities on Sundays now that we are so dang busy the rest of the time. That as one of my goals for the school far, so good!
Coach Steph, from last year
Coach Mike, from summer season
Coach Blaire, her new coach this season


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