Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Ella Bella at 9

So, Ella's birthday was nearly one month ago and I was hoping to take some pictures of her before doing a post about her at this time in her life but decided I better get on with it anyway :-).
I really feel like Ella has matured so much over the last year and gained so much confidence. She is becoming the person that she is going to be and it is amazing to see that happen right before your eyes.
Last fall Ella started her first major sport and swam year round. When she started the year she was one of the slower ones in her group but she is such a hard worker and pushed herself hard every practice, improving tons over the year. I remember getting frustrated because even as she got better she would let slower kids start before her in the drills so she would catch up to them and have to slow down. I would tell her just to ask them if she could go first but she was too shy to do it. It has been fun to watch her start the indoor season again this year and see the difference. Not only is she a better swimmer, but she is assertive and confident. She wants to go first and takes the initiative to do it. I was stressed about her picking something that was such a big commitment at this young of an age, but she loves it and she works hard and we are so proud of her!
Ella is funny and silly. She is a great friend to others and has a great group of girl friends that I love. I am so thankful we live in an area with so many girls at church for her to be close to even if most of them are not at her school. I am also proud of Ella for making good choices and learning the importance of picking good friends. Last year we dealt with some mean girl issues and she grew from that and so far this year I can see that she is more confident and sure of herself and who she wants to be. I hope she always remembers the things that are most important so when issues with her peers come up she can make good choices and handle things the right way.
She doesn't love that she has to learn Spanish at school, but I do :-), and she is getting so good at it! She is a good student and so good about coming home and working on her homework and practicing her piano before we go to swim practice. And Ella LOVES reading! And that makes me happy :-).
Some of Ella's likes/dislikes at 9 years old...
She loves Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. She loves swimming and singing and hanging out with her friends. She always remembers to put her clothes in the dirty clothes and always forgets to put her shoes away :-). She will eat most of what I make without complaint, although it may not be much of it. She loves meat...ribs, steak, chicken and veggies...broccoli, celery and zucchini. She is picky about fruit and breakfast food but is the best of the kids about drinking her green smoothie. She hates rice and most kinds of beans. She would rather have chips than sweets like me :-), but LOVES getting frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti. Her favorite restaurant is Babins where she loves the shrimp wontons and grilled shrimp and salmon. She also like Mission Burrito, Taco Bell, pizza, fancy sandwiches, tacos and spaghetti. She prefers a ricecake with peanut butter on it in her lunch than a regular sandwich and hates juice boxes and fruit snacks...weird. Ella has started wanting to watch all the "real life" shows on Disney channel and they drive me nuts...cheesy script, terrible acting, etc. and recently discovered Full House reruns on TV. She wants the radio on in the car, picks out her own clothes and will hardly let me do anything to her hair. She thinks her aunts Hope and Chloe, and our babysitters Rachel and Kassandra are the coolest girls ever :-)!
Ella was Mike's fishing buddy on our camping trip this summer and would sit up front with him in the RV sometimes. She definitely loves her dad and is so excited when he is able to attend her events.
She loves to hear what things about her are like dad and what things are like mom.
Ella is a great big sister. She loves to help Addie with her Spanish and the piano...she is an expert after all :-)...and is always game to wrestle and get crazy with Preston. Of course, she sometimes can be a bit of a mini-mom too which they don't always appreciate. She is a great example to them both! She is caring and compassionate and thinks of others.
Ella and I can be very much alike, so sometimes we bother each other :-), but we also have so much fun together. She is fun to hang out with and talk to you and watch TV shows with. She is my helper and my buddy and I love her so much! We are lucky to have her in our family!

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the Holyoaks said...

I love this sweet post about Ella! I can't believe she's nine years old. She is so beautiful and seems like such a good girl. Some of your descriptions of her remind me of Audrey and I wonder if all first children/oldest daughters share some of the same traits. Ella will love having this record of her nine year old self, written by her mom, someday. Thanks for sharing! It was very touching.