Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Preston's Meet the Teacher Days

Last year doing joy school with Preston was tough since I ended up staying busy all year with my photography business. He ended up spending a lot more time on the computer, iPad and TV than I would have liked because I needed to get things done. I was sooo looking forward to this year when he could go to a real school and I could be productive without feeling guilty about what he was doing. We decided to go to a different preschool than the one the girls had been to because we didn't love our year there with Addie for various reasons. There is a school super close to our house that came highly recommended so we decided to go with it! The 3-day class was full already though so I just signed him for two days and figured it was better than nothing even though I had hoped for more. Preston has a friend from church in his class that we look forward to carpooling with, and there are a couple other boys from other wards in his class as well we have since found out which is fun.
Not long after we signed up a friend posted on our ward's facebook page about her friend in another ward in Katy who was going to offer a preschool out of her home (Joyful Sunbeam Preschool). I looked at her blog and was blown away...and immediately signed Preston up for Wednesdays with her. She later added Mondays, so we added Mondays too. This one is only a few hours long each day but we are able to carpool with some friends and he has way more fun there than he would be having at home with me.
He is finishing up his first week at both schools and has LOVED them both! But last week we got to go check out the classrooms and meet all his sweet teachers.
First up was the "big school" as we have started referring to it as. Ms. Katie is his head teacher and used to teach kindergarten. She seems so sweet and we are looking forward to a fun year with her. The class is mostly boys and Preston quickly was building and playing with his new buddies. He got a little OCD about sorting and stacking the blocks at the end though :-) and he did not want to stop playing to color his monkey. Sharing and following directions...two of the main things I hope he gets better at during this year :-).
we ended up hanging out with the music teacher for awhile right when we walked in...he loved all the instruments :-)
My favorite moment of the week...or maybe the month...was when we left his classroom and Preston saw all the laundry baskets where the kids put their nap mats and backpacks each day. He looked at me with the cutest expression and exclaimed, "How much laundry do I have to do?!" Haha :-)! I wish!
Saturday morning we headed over to Preston's "little school" to check it out as well. We went right from there to a swim team party so I had the whole crew with me and the girls were just as interested in all the fun stuff as Preston was :-). Sister Parkinson is Preston's teacher here and is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Preston was so excited about everything he saw here and came home with all kinds of ideas for our own house...most importantly a playground IN the house! He is going to have sooo much fun this year!
this one just makes me laugh...he tries to be in every picture

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