Monday, September 2, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend Fun

Usually the night before school starts we have our fancy back to school dinner. This year however, Mike and I would be getting back from our quick California trip so we decided trying to go out to eat instead. After we got back from the museums we headed out for dinner. When we got home we talked about our goals for the school year and then each child got to make a wish for what they hoped would happen this year and then blow out their candle. They loved this part...but not the eating out instead of doing our own dinner. In the end we ended up still doing it the night of the first day of school.
Friday the girls had some friends over to play and I got everyone all packed up.
Saturday morning Mike and I headed out early for the airport, leaving Ella and Preston at Emily's house and Addie at my parent's house. We flew to California for Mike's good friend Jonathan's wedding and although it was quick, it was still fun. We arrived in CA at 3pm, the wedding was at 5pm and then our flight out the next morning was at 6am. Whew! We love Jonathan's wife Caitlin and it was fun to meet so many of Mike's other friends from high school. The wedding was beautiful and low key, we squeezed in a shredded beef taco on our way back to the hotel and the flights were nice and relaxing (we flew first class and it was amazing). I read almost all of Jane Eyre on the trip and loved it and we got back just in time to get everything ready for the first day of school the next morning.
I love that Addie is concentrating so hard on her wish waiting for her turn in this pic.
The kids goals (I had them do one school related and one more personal one):
ELLA...Getting back on Gold Honor Roll, Be excited for church (I thought that was cute :-)
ADDIE...Keeping her folder free of so many marks,  Not getting mad at others so fast
PRESTON...Be a better listener, Be nice :-)
From Friday...Addie and Grace requested this pictures :-)
And Saturday...all from the phone

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Josh and Stephanie said...

Hey Marci,
You got some good pics at the wedding. I'm glad you guys were able to make it out. I don't know how we forgot our camera, but we did. Do you think you could send some of these pics our way. Thanks. Josh