Thursday, October 31, 2013

Preston and Ian...and a new Tree to Climb

Last week Preston and Ian finally got to see each other again. Ian is like the brother Preston doesn't have and he definitely misses getting to see him all the time now that they are on opposite preschool schedules. They are too cute together.
And completely unrelated, that Tuesday we went out to eat for dinner (Mike got the kids in the car and when we got there we realized Preston had no shoes :-) and when we got home Mike fixed up another tree in the back yard for the kids to play on.
it was also school picture day for Preston
looking classy at the restaurant :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday Fun

I really have been making an effort to take pictures at home with the real camera even when I feel overwhelmed with photo shoot editing. Last Monday I just had to get pictures of Preston in his cute Halloween jams with his "white blank" that he loves so much. We also released the latest of the moths that had emerged. These two were much better fliers but still let the kids hold them for a few seconds before taking off. Addie LOVES it, Preston was excited too and Ella was content watching :-). 
Addie turned in her 100 books log. It was VERY important to her that she be the first in her class to read all 100 and she did it!!! Now she has a new log to show she has read 200 books. 
Other events of the day...Preston had I had a visit with the dentist and he did awesome. I thought our appointments were back to back, but his hygenist came in and got him right as mine was getting started. I could see the fear in his eyes that he was going to have to go by himself but he went and did awesome. He is growing up so fast! He also had "little school" that day and Mike caught a lizard that came in the house to show Addie when she got home from school but Beauty thought it was for her :-).

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cute Adeline

It has been a challenging 1 1/2 weeks with Addie but as I looked at these pictures from last Sunday I had to smile. She has definitely taught me a lot about patience and prayer and not judging others... and I still have SOOO much more to learn. 
The school year so far had been an amazing for her. ALL happy faces for starters. That is nearly 2 months without a mark in her folder! At her parent teacher conference one of the things her teachers told me is how proud they were of her for making the right choice when they warn her about something. She had been doing awesome at home as well. There were still outbursts of anger at Preston or Ella for bothering her, but nothing out of the ordinary for young siblings. I think I started to take for granted how easy everything was going and all we have been through working up to this point. 
But then all of the sudden things stated regressing again. I don't know if we put her it too many unfamiliar social situations, if she wasn't sleeping as well since her cat lamp broke that we always used at night, if it's the no iPad time, if it's the fact I hadn't been making our green smoothies, or a zillion other possibilities, but there has been a lot more freaking out going on. It is exhausting for me. I want to take the kids to Halloween parties or let them play on a restaurant playground and not worry or stress about what she is going to do. She has gained so much control over her actions and makes the right choice so much more often. I just wish it wasn't as hard for her as it is. She wants to do the right thing and I want to help her by doing the right thing, but neither of us is sure what that right thing is all the time. 
I was telling Mike the other day that it is really amazing to me that so many people have so many kids. Being a parent is hard so much of the time. SUPER hard. But then there is the other part of the time where it is so fun and rewarding. When they do kind things for others, when you watch them succeed after working so hard, when they are amazed by something they see or learn for the first time, when they say hilarious things without knowing it, when they cuddle up to you and when they tell you they love you. Addie provides me so many of these opportunities the majority of the time. She LOVES to learn, she creates amazing things, she does sweet and kind and considerate things. 
I love these pictures because they show one of the many things I love most about one of my favorite little people. Two more moths had emerged during the day and she was full of complete joy watching them fly around their little home.

Friday, October 25, 2013

So Many Options

Last Saturday (the 19th) was one busy day! The big news was that the BYU football team was in Houston for a game. Mike bought a couple tickets for us to go long ago but I never asked about the specific date or put it on the calendar. It ended up I had a photo shoot that evening that had been on the calendar since spring and I had since added 3 others, so I couldn't go. The next plan was that he would take Ella with him. It ended up being a stressful decision because to go to the game Ella missed both a swim meet and a fun Halloween party hosted by one of her buddies. She couldn't decide what to do, so she picked her choice out of a hat and had a fun date with dad. Addie, who had NO desire to go the game when we asked her :-), and Preston made their own fun at home. The first of our moths had emerged a couple days before so we let him go. One of his wings wasn't quite right so Addie was able to hold him for awhile before letting him go, which made her day. Mike and Ella got home from the game, I got back from my evening shoots and Hope came to babysit so Mike and I could go on a date. I'm looking forward to this Saturday off from shoots and just enjoying some Halloween fun with the kiddos...and another date night too :-).
(and no iPad has it's perks, but the downside is waaay more messes)
Addie was so excited to find a red heart-shaped leaf
Cutest card EVER from Addie to Preston
We were running late for church Sunday, but we are finally wearing some fall clothes so I had to get a picture!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Few Moments

Some highlights of last week.
I have really been trying to better this past week about taking pictures with my real camera. So be excited :-) for the next post!
Preston "watching" baseball with Mike.
Ella saw an ad with this slogan in a magazine and thought a shirt would be awesome. I did too and was able to find one online :-).
Hooray for fall weather and getting to wear our "winter" wardrobe :-)
I LOVE Preston's preschool (just not the carpool line). They do such cool activities with each unit. He brought this stuff home one day last week from their space unit. They also had neat stations in their classroom like an astronaut dress up station, moon sand to play with, etc. Ella asked if she did things like that at her school and I told her "No honey, sorry!" :-).
Our first caterpillar transformed, into an ugly moth. More photos of these guys coming.
MadLab with Ella Bella. This is one volunteer opportunity at school I love and try to never miss.
When I promised Preston a fun playground with a friend and it rained we ended up at Burger King.
Ella's first official time! She was sooo excited to see that they get little patches, even if we don't have anywhere to put it :-).