Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Few Moments

Some highlights of last week.
I have really been trying to better this past week about taking pictures with my real camera. So be excited :-) for the next post!
Preston "watching" baseball with Mike.
Ella saw an ad with this slogan in a magazine and thought a shirt would be awesome. I did too and was able to find one online :-).
Hooray for fall weather and getting to wear our "winter" wardrobe :-)
I LOVE Preston's preschool (just not the carpool line). They do such cool activities with each unit. He brought this stuff home one day last week from their space unit. They also had neat stations in their classroom like an astronaut dress up station, moon sand to play with, etc. Ella asked if she did things like that at her school and I told her "No honey, sorry!" :-).
Our first caterpillar transformed, into an ugly moth. More photos of these guys coming.
MadLab with Ella Bella. This is one volunteer opportunity at school I love and try to never miss.
When I promised Preston a fun playground with a friend and it rained we ended up at Burger King.
Ella's first official time! She was sooo excited to see that they get little patches, even if we don't have anywhere to put it :-).

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