Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cute Adeline

It has been a challenging 1 1/2 weeks with Addie but as I looked at these pictures from last Sunday I had to smile. She has definitely taught me a lot about patience and prayer and not judging others... and I still have SOOO much more to learn. 
The school year so far had been an amazing for her. ALL happy faces for starters. That is nearly 2 months without a mark in her folder! At her parent teacher conference one of the things her teachers told me is how proud they were of her for making the right choice when they warn her about something. She had been doing awesome at home as well. There were still outbursts of anger at Preston or Ella for bothering her, but nothing out of the ordinary for young siblings. I think I started to take for granted how easy everything was going and all we have been through working up to this point. 
But then all of the sudden things stated regressing again. I don't know if we put her it too many unfamiliar social situations, if she wasn't sleeping as well since her cat lamp broke that we always used at night, if it's the no iPad time, if it's the fact I hadn't been making our green smoothies, or a zillion other possibilities, but there has been a lot more freaking out going on. It is exhausting for me. I want to take the kids to Halloween parties or let them play on a restaurant playground and not worry or stress about what she is going to do. She has gained so much control over her actions and makes the right choice so much more often. I just wish it wasn't as hard for her as it is. She wants to do the right thing and I want to help her by doing the right thing, but neither of us is sure what that right thing is all the time. 
I was telling Mike the other day that it is really amazing to me that so many people have so many kids. Being a parent is hard so much of the time. SUPER hard. But then there is the other part of the time where it is so fun and rewarding. When they do kind things for others, when you watch them succeed after working so hard, when they are amazed by something they see or learn for the first time, when they say hilarious things without knowing it, when they cuddle up to you and when they tell you they love you. Addie provides me so many of these opportunities the majority of the time. She LOVES to learn, she creates amazing things, she does sweet and kind and considerate things. 
I love these pictures because they show one of the many things I love most about one of my favorite little people. Two more moths had emerged during the day and she was full of complete joy watching them fly around their little home.


Sarah said...

I stumbled across your blog some time ago and have been reading ever since. Your family is beautiful. We used to live in Houston so seeing some of your pics brings back memories of that too. Anyway, what compelled me to write today is that I have a 9 year old son that we have very similar struggles with. I wanted you to know you're not alone and that I wished I'd been more in tune when our son was a little younger. We'd didn't really open our eyes to his challenges until he was in first grade. We still have our ups and downs and his amazing strong personality and qualities can do so much for this world, when channeled in the right direction....just like Addie! You're right, it's tough, probably the toughest thing we'll ever do is being a mom, but it's also the very most rewarding thing. And you're a good mama!

Marci said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you commented today so I know who you are now :-)!