Friday, October 11, 2013

Indoor Season Begins!

Ella was SO excited for this first indoor meet of the season! The bigger pool was down for repairs so the meet was moved to Cinco, where she practices. We knew seating would be crazy so I ended up just taking her and Mike stayed home with the other kids. It was a fun day for us to just have some time together and watch the older swimmers in between her races. I was thinking about when we attended this meet last year as our first indoor meet ever and how much Ella has improved in just a year. It's been a fun journey so far and Ella still loves it so I think we'll be attending many more meets over the years.
warming up and hanging out with her teammates and coach before it begins
(she is talking with Grace her practice buddy. they are only a few months apart and get along really well. they are also similar speeds so they really push each other because neither likes to be slower than the other which is hilarious to watch :-)
First up was the 50 yard freestyle.
Her best time from last year was 50.27 and this time she got down to 46.92 (17th/29 9-10 year olds)
We had lots of down time after that one until breaststroke and butterfly, her two favorites.
First was the 50 yard breaststroke. She didn't have a time on file with KA for this so she was in a heat of swimmers without seeding times and she blew them all away.
Her time was 54.15 (12th/23 9-10yr olds) and so close to a B time.
lane 4, center lane

The 50 yard butterfly was our last event and she was in the first heat swimming against some really good swimmers. She did awesome though.
She took over 10 seconds off her best time from last year and got 45.64 (previously 58.14). 6th/14 9-10yr olds.
What was super exciting for her is that it is a B time with USA swimming.
So, I had no idea what these were until I think last spring. USA swimming as time standards ranging from B up to AAAA (the best), you can view them here. You have to make sure to look at the short course standards in yards though. At first I was looking at the meters and thought she had done really well :-).
lane 8, the top lane

It was a fun first meet. She is missing the meet next weekend to go to the BYU football game with Mike, and I think the next one is a distance meet where she has to swim a 500 freestyle. Should be interesting :-)

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