Tuesday, October 15, 2013

iPhone pic recap

And more of last week...
Enjoying the nice weather outside
Addie made some good money selling paper airplanes at our family dinner after general conference. I was thoroughly impressed by Addie's 3d airplane drawing when she decided to improve her airplanes for sale sign.
Preston at little school and Ella looking cute before school one day.
It has been a tough year for us coming up with costumes for Halloween (except for Ella who knew months ago she wanted to be a pirate). Preston started out as a pumpkin but once he saw the little stem hats they all had he changed his mind :-). Next was a ghost and I thought he was pretty much settled on that. I was planning to just cut holes in a sheet for it. Then he told me he wanted to be a knight which I was excited about, so costume was ordered and no going back now :-).
Friday night Preston was my date to a cute wedding reception of one of my old Laurels from church. She and her hubby are adorable!
I had a crazy day Saturday...5 photo shoots at Rice University. I was SOOO scared the rain was going to ruin it all and I would left trying to reschedule them all, but thankfully I was able to get them all done. I also got to hang out with Kayley and her cute fam in between my morning and evening sessions which was fun. Mike and I were definitely both ready for a date by the time I got home :-)! We saw Gravity that night and also saw Captain Phillip this weekend and we loved Captain Phillip more hands down.
And just a random of Addie and Prest playing nicely together (one of Addie's games).

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Audrey Crisp said...

Can't believe you did 5 shoots that day!!! Good job. So glad it didn't rain. Thanks again!! Good luck with costumes. : )