Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keeping Busy

We have been keeping plenty busy, but so far we have a pretty good little routine down so we are surviving. Here is some of what we were up to last week.
The girls' school is doing the Boosterthon Fun Run as a fundraiser again. Since I am taking pictures for the yearbook this year I actually have permission to use my camera in the school which is pretty exciting. On Monday, the 23rd, was the pep rally to get it kicked off and man, do they do a good job of pumping the kids up! I now understand why they came home last year wanting to call all our family members to sponsor them :-).
I stayed for all of Addie's so I was able to get some pictures of her but just said hi to Ella as she came in before leaving.
Preston and Ryan started carpooling to preschool and when Lauren sent me this picture and I saw that Preston got to sit in an ORANGE car seat I knew he was going to be thrilled!
Finding cute things the kids have done when they aren't home makes me smile.
We got some new drawing books and Addie loves them.
Ella is a swimming machine. It is crazy to me how much these kids swim at practice...and that she still wants to go back the next day.
Free breakfast at ChickFilA, yes please!
Buying my first "real" pair of jeans was a big (and expensive :-) deal!
On Thursday, the 26th, I taught a little photography class at church and then Preston and I both got to help out during the hair-cutting presentation that was after me. Preston did awesome sitting in front of a room full of ladies while he got it done :-). And how awesome is the hair-do I got?!

We finally got some major work done on Ella's room and she is THRILLED!!! I am loving how it is coming together and wishing my room was as cute as hers :-).
I had 6 photo shoots that week and during my Saturday evening shoots was eaten alive by mosquitos. People think I am exaggerating when I say they love me, but really they do and I HATE them! This is just a small sampling. You can kind of tell the backs of my legs have huge 2-inch welts from where they really got me good. (and I was wearing pants during the shoot!!!)
And lastly, some Addie moments.
I love seeing the cool things she makes. Like this bird with brads at all its joints so it all moves.
We were given some caterpillars from Emily and Brooklynn and Ian, but they only like the leaves from Emily's flowers so I'm hoping they make it. We'll see. In the mean time Addie (and Beauty) love watching them.

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