Monday, October 21, 2013

Let the Fun Begin (and an iPad update)

So, it's been nearly one week since the kids have played on the iPad and I seriously see a huge improvement in Preston. Yes, he still whines sometimes and argues, but there has been a lot less crying and he doesn't ask me to play on it a million times a day anymore. My favorite part of taking it away though has been to see all the other things the kids find to play instead. I am still letting them watch TV and I don't think I'll ever take everything away...I think we all need that decompressing time. So far so good though. I don't think we will bring it back for at least another couple weeks and then when, and if, we do I'm going to be much more strict about time limits.
But, back to the fun stuff...
Last Monday, the 14th, the kids had the day off of school and some of their friends threw a little Halloween party. The kids had planned all the games and food and it was so cute. My kids had a blast after getting over their initial frustration at me for not realizing they were supposed to wear costumes (oops :-). We are all feeling ready for Halloween now :-).


Katie Bradley said...

these are such nice indoor shots. Tell me, did you use your flash? And what is your new camera?

Marci said...

Hey Katie,
I didn't use my flash on those pictures. I almost never remember to bring it or use it :-). My new camera is the 5d III and I LOVE it. The straight out of camera difference between it and my 7d is truly remarkable. It handles the higher ISO waaay better which makes for better indoor shots. Plus, that house had great big windows and I took all the pictures almost near it with the kids facing the natural light. I'm loving looking at all your pictures as usual :-)!