Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday Fun

I really have been making an effort to take pictures at home with the real camera even when I feel overwhelmed with photo shoot editing. Last Monday I just had to get pictures of Preston in his cute Halloween jams with his "white blank" that he loves so much. We also released the latest of the moths that had emerged. These two were much better fliers but still let the kids hold them for a few seconds before taking off. Addie LOVES it, Preston was excited too and Ella was content watching :-). 
Addie turned in her 100 books log. It was VERY important to her that she be the first in her class to read all 100 and she did it!!! Now she has a new log to show she has read 200 books. 
Other events of the day...Preston had I had a visit with the dentist and he did awesome. I thought our appointments were back to back, but his hygenist came in and got him right as mine was getting started. I could see the fear in his eyes that he was going to have to go by himself but he went and did awesome. He is growing up so fast! He also had "little school" that day and Mike caught a lizard that came in the house to show Addie when she got home from school but Beauty thought it was for her :-).

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