Monday, October 14, 2013

National Walk to School Day

Wednesday, the 9th, was National Walk to School Day. Who knew?! I wouldn't have if our school hadn't had a big event for it. They sent home a map and depending on which area around the school you were coming from you were supposed to wear a different color. The girls were super excited to put on some green and walk to the school.
I knew I wouldn't have much time to get home before getting Preston to school so Mike and I dropped off the car at the school before he left for work in the morning so Preston and I could drive home :-).
We left with plenty of time and enjoyed the brisk morning. Well, all of us but Preston, who complained about how cold he was the whole time (It was probably around 60 degrees).
We got there with enough time to play on a playground for a minute before heading over to check out the firetruck. Addie was kind of freaked out by all the commotion and didn't want to be in any pictures, but luckily the rest of her day went well and she still got a happy face in her folder (she has one everyday this year!!! and I was worried the stressful scene might throw her off).
Preston and I stayed to take some pictures of the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new school marquee and then we headed home with some time to spare before heading to preschool. It was a fun morning event!

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