Friday, October 25, 2013

So Many Options

Last Saturday (the 19th) was one busy day! The big news was that the BYU football team was in Houston for a game. Mike bought a couple tickets for us to go long ago but I never asked about the specific date or put it on the calendar. It ended up I had a photo shoot that evening that had been on the calendar since spring and I had since added 3 others, so I couldn't go. The next plan was that he would take Ella with him. It ended up being a stressful decision because to go to the game Ella missed both a swim meet and a fun Halloween party hosted by one of her buddies. She couldn't decide what to do, so she picked her choice out of a hat and had a fun date with dad. Addie, who had NO desire to go the game when we asked her :-), and Preston made their own fun at home. The first of our moths had emerged a couple days before so we let him go. One of his wings wasn't quite right so Addie was able to hold him for awhile before letting him go, which made her day. Mike and Ella got home from the game, I got back from my evening shoots and Hope came to babysit so Mike and I could go on a date. I'm looking forward to this Saturday off from shoots and just enjoying some Halloween fun with the kiddos...and another date night too :-).
(and no iPad has it's perks, but the downside is waaay more messes)
Addie was so excited to find a red heart-shaped leaf
Cutest card EVER from Addie to Preston
We were running late for church Sunday, but we are finally wearing some fall clothes so I had to get a picture!

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