Saturday, November 30, 2013

Waaay Too Cold!!!

We have been enduring the longest cold spell I think we have ever had in all the years we have lived in Houston. None of us liked it and we are all excited to see finally see warmer temperatures in the forecast again! On Saturday, 23rd, the cold, rainy weather caused me to have to reschedule 3 photo shoots (which was a nightmare this late in the season). Luckily I was able to get two newborn shoots done instead and then when I got home the kids were excited to go to the La Centerra tree lighting. We stopped for frozen yogurt first. What other treat would be more suitable when it is so cold outside :-)?! We headed over to the tree lighting assuming we could last at least 30 minutes, but we chickened out. It was miserable and we gave up, running back to our warm car. It was still a fun adventure though.
And from earlier in the week...
Preston figured out this frog way faster than me!
My cousin Mick came to Houston on a quick stop while filming a documentary and drove out to Katy to see us all. It has been years since I've seen him so it was fun to catch up even if it was fast!
And I took this picture of my Grandma while testing my settings and I LOVE it!

Friday, November 29, 2013


We are excited to have Oliver living closer so we can play with him more often.


We are excited for haircuts...but only so we can get a lollipop at the end.
We are excited when BFFs come to play because we love them and miss them.
We are excited for free time at home to make super cool costumes out of construction paper.
We are excited (well, maybe not) for homework. And especially excited when mom takes pictures of us doing it :-).
all photos taken Monday, November 18th

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Once it was nice and warm in Houston like it supposed to be ALL the time. Remember that?!
Well, I found my kids eating popscicles in the front yard at dusk one of those glorious November days.
They were just sitting quitely together and it was adorable.

Ella's First Big Meet of the Season

Ella had her first big swim meet of the season on Saturday, the 16th. She swam the 100 Fly, 50 Backstroke and the 200 IM. We were able to time it pretty well so that we arrived at the meet just in time for her to warm up and then all her events were right in a row and we headed home. The whole family came along this time to cheer her on and she did awesome! She got B times in the backstroke and fly and was SO close on the 200 IM that we are hoping she can get it next time she swims it in January. There were some great swimmers at the meet and we were so proud of her!
she still misses coach Steph so she loves to talk to her at the meets :-)
100 Fly
Time: 1:52.92

50 Backstroke
(previous best from last year was 58.01)
Time: 48.52

200 IM
Time: 3:45.81

I don't if I mentioned before that she had a small meet where she swam a 500 Free. She hated it but she did it and finished in just over 10 minutes. That is SUCH a long race!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

LICE!!! And other fun things

Last week started off with a bang. Monday was the usual routine and Tuesday was much of the first.
I picked the girls up from school, they did their homework and then all the kids were watching TV while I made dinner. My grandma was going to come with us to Ella's swim practice to watch her swim so we were a little ahead of schedule... so we wouldn't be running late later :-). I should preface this by saying that the elementary school had recently sent home two letters that lice going around. I read them quickly and threw them away. But when Ella came in to the kitchen telling me she kept getting mosquito bites on her head and neck I freaked out, "WHAT?!" I looked at her head and quickly saw a little brown bug. I yelled for Mike to come downstairs and tell me what the bug was. He did a quick search online and sure enough it was an exact match for lice.
My first thought was to call my friend Bryn who I knew would have all the answers for me. She told me there was a place, aptly named "The Lice Place," that was a bit pricey but would take care of it all for you or you could just buy their good comb and go through it all yourself. It was a no brainer for me. I will pay whatever you want if you solve this problem for me!
I made Ella put a swim cap on, we ate dinner quickly and headed right over. First they checked me since I was less likely to have them and I was told I was in the clear. Then on to Ella who, no surprise, had lice. What was surprising was how many were in there and how long they thought she had had them. I naively assumed she got it that day at school, had hardly had been around us or the house, we found it and we would get rid of it. When I was told that she had probably had them for over a week I was grossed out. The Lice Place made me feel way less stressed though when they told me they don't live long when not on a human head so there was no need to wash everything in the entire house. We put all the pillows and the kids' favorite stuff animals in the dryer for awhile, got new hair brushes just to be safe, washed Ella's bedding and combed all the kids hair for the next week. Amazingly no one else had it (although every time my head itched at all I immediately ran to the bathroom and combed through my hair making sure I was still in the clear). Man am I glad that adventure is over! The worst part of it all for Ella has been that I won't let her wear her hair down anymore because I'm paranoid she will get it again :-). (and that is the ONLY way she was wearing her hair previously)
Other highlights...
Ella's swim picture day (Grace is her swimming BFF, they first met at the meet in New Orleans last year and are both SO excited for it again this year).
Preston's preschool teacher sent these photos of him at "little" school.
Killing time at the park before piano with my cute girls on Thursday.
And later that night at the 1st grade WOW night at school.
The next day (Friday, the 15th) I was at the school volunteering with Addie's science lab and her teachers were SO excited to tell me that Addie had won the drawing for the prize from the night before. They told me to stop by the office on my way out to get it. When I asked the office they told me they would go find it and I asked if Addie could just bring it home (I needed to get to a photo shoot) but they told me it was BIG and she wouldn't be able to carry it. I laughed out loud when they brought the huge box full of stuff out. What a lucky girl...only Adeline :-).