Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lost Teeth and Frog's Birthday

We celebrated Grandfather's (aka Frog and great-Frog) birthday on Sunday, the 10th. The week leading up to Sunday both the girls had exciting losing teeth moments though. Ella came home from school early in the week with a little treasure box with a tooth inside. I was shocked, neither of us realized her tooth was even loose! I guess she was eating Nerds in class and it just fell out. The exciting part was that it happened at school and she got the treasure box! Every child's dream come true :-). A couple days later she lost another one and she says she has a loose one now! Addie on the other hand had a SUPER loose tooth and she was trying REALLY hard to lose it at school so that she could get a treasure box as well. It was barely hanging in there and I told her what to do to pull it out at school but she just couldn't do it to herself :-). The good news is that her teachers have a policy that if you bring the tooth to school the next day they will still give you a treasure box. I think that is awesome...I still am sad I never lost my tooth at school and got the cool tooth shaped box necklace to put it in.
After church the whole family came over to celebrate Frog's 77th birthday. My grandparents brought over Hansen Tacos, our family favorite, and we had a great time celebrating. We are so lucky to all live so close together...Mack and Cheryl, time for you guys to move too :-)!!!
I love his white hair :-)


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Christina said...

Hope cut her hair! Looks good! Happy Birthday Del!