Monday, November 4, 2013

School Trunk or Treat 2013

The school's trunk or treat was Friday, October 25th and the girls had been looking forward to it with much anticipation. This was our first time getting all dressed up for the year and the kids could not wait! There was an even better turn out than last year and we won a couple auctions which was exciting too (2nd spot in the parent pick-up line after school is what I am most excited about :-). We didn't see Ella most of the night since she ran off with her girlfriends, but Addie and Preston made sure to collect plenty of candy. The weather was perfect and it was a great kick off to Halloween!
(and the story of Addie's Halloween costume, which I don't think I ever blogged, but definitely want to remember...When we started talking about what everyone wanted to be for Halloween in August Ella knew she wanted to be a pirate. We went on Ebay and found a cute one and it was done. Easy peasy as the kids would say. Addie told me she wanted to be an owl. A little random, but the search began. We went on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Google search, but she did not like anything we found. She wanted to look real and she wanted FEATHER wings that she could FLAP. I found super cute fabric wings you could flap and super cool realistic looking wings that were more of a shoulder piece, but nothing like what she wanted. I kept searching because I wanted to make this dream come true!!! Eventually I found what I thought was a pretty spectacular owl costume. It was super expensive but at this point I didn't even care. I showed it to Addie and she just looked up at me and in a sad voice said, "I guess I'll just be a cat again." I felt so bad. If I was more crafty and had more time I'm sure we could have created the very specific vision she had in mind... and in a few more years she can probably do it herself at the rate she is going making costumes out of construction paper :-), but for this year she was a cat again. With new ears, tail and leotard though)
Preston, the knight, Addie, the cat, and Ella, the pirate.
When I asked the girls if they wanted to do this donut game Ella said no and Addie said it looked embarrassing :-) haha.

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