Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Musical Ending

The rest of our Saturday, the 7th, was spent with Ella going to a choir clinic put on by the high school and then a girls' night date to see Hope performing with the Virtuosi of Houston Young Artists Chamber Orchestra. I was supposed to have a photo shoot as well but it was FREEZING COLD (and stayed cold forever) so I had to postpone.
Ella did the clinic with a couple friends from church and said she had a lot of fun. We arrived at the end for a little performance of the songs they learned in the few hours they were there.

blurry pic with my phone trying to capture this cute moment

Later that night I drove downtown with the girls to see Hopie. When she was in 8th grade she decided she wanted to make it into this very elite orchestra that features top musicians from all over Houston...and she did it! I must say that going to a regular high school performance will never be enjoyable again because these talented kids were AMAZING. They were a 100% legit orchestra. BEAUTIUL! A little late for the girls :-), but Addie still told me it was "awesome" when I asked her about it as I was tucking her in.

They "discouraged" video taping so I tried to be discreet while my camera was on my lap to get a few clips.
(and you can't see Hope at all. The bassoons are in the back so even when Hope stood up after having a solo in one of the songs we couldn't see teeny Hope :-)

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