Sunday, December 15, 2013

December = Christmas

I LOVE Christmas! I love the cards, the decorations, the movies, the music, the focus on our Savior, the treats, the lights, the spirit of giving, the presents, the family time and all the fun celebrations. This year with Thanksgiving so late in the month though I felt like it totally snuck up on me. We didn't return home from our trip until Saturday night and then Sunday it was suddenly December 1st. Initially I was thinking we would just have to wait and get a late start on our decorating. I needed to unpack, do laundry, go to church, edit photo shoots, etc. but in the end I just could NOT let it be December and not have Christmas at least partly out in our house. We got everything done inside except the tree and even managed to get the outside lights done too. Mike and all three kids were awesome helpers this year. It is so fun to be able to work together on it...and much faster too! Hooray for the most wonderful time of the year :-)!
(I got this inflatable from a groupon deal right after Christmas last year and the kids love it. I always said we would never have these in our yard, but it sure makes them happy :-).

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