Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finishing up San Antonio

Friday, November 29th, we talked about doing something fun at the hotel...going back to the pool or going outside to play some of the games and sports they had out...but it was cold so we just took our time getting ready and packed up and then went out for brunch. It was a fun last hurrah with the Millers before they headed back to Katy and we headed back to the Freemans to hang out again. It was a bit warmer that day and I had photo shoot near the riverwalk that afternoon. Mike's family escorted us to the park and Ella assisted me on my shoot while the other kiddos played on the playground. I was really wanting to ride the boats on the river with the lights on and we headed over after, only to find out it was the big river lighting parade and ceremony that very night so it was CRAZY. We decided to head back to their house and relax instead and we hopefully will get to ride the boats over Christmas break. Saturday morning I took some pictures of Brittany and Dustin and then we all hung out, ate a huge Mexican meal that hit the spot and we were back on the road again going home to Houston. It was nice to have some down time and catch up with Mike's family and the kids had so much fun while we were there. I failed miserably at taking pictures while we were there, so I am going to be better when we go back in a few weeks! I'm glad I caught Addie and Meema drawing together though! We got back to Katy just in time to stop by and say hi to Scotto really quickly. We were sad to not see him more while he was in town, but Christmas is just around the corner!
Poor, sick Mike. This was his turn around day and he started getting better from that point on.
11-30-13 (3)
11-30-13 (2)
And after an entire week of vacation eating, I headed to the grocery store that night and produce was looking SO good!
11-30-13 (4)

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