Monday, December 16, 2013

Mistletoe Adventure

Mike has pointed out mistletoe along the freeways as we drive at different times and has talked about helping the kids sell it during the holidays (something he did growing up). On our way back from San Antonio this time he took an unexpected collect mistletoe. The kids thought it was great fun watching dad up in the tree :-). The lighting was so awesome when I snapped these pictures really quickly that I just wanted to do a full on photo shoot in the fields! Maybe next time. Mike worked hard and then we continued on the rest of our way home with a car full of mistletoe. 
On Monday and Tuesday Mike tied them into little bunches, I tied some pretty ribbons on them and we let people know we were officially mistletoe sales people for the day :-). We adopted two families for Christmas this year with children close to our own children's ages. Initially we had been planning to let the kids use the mistletoe money to buy gifts for each other, but then Mike had the super brilliant idea to use it for our adopted families instead. We had lots of friends willing to buy some mistletoe and one who even took us around to all her neighbors to help us sell even more. The kids really got into it, adding Christmas caroling as part of the deal (Addie was definitely the lead singer of the group). And although we didn't quite reach Addie's goal, it was a successful night!
The next day we headed to the store and purchased the rest of the items for our kids and it was so much fun. Ella was especially into helping me pick out things they would like and even wrapped more than half of the gifts herself. It was a great family activity and so fun to be able to incorporate helping others into it all. We just may have to make it a tradition!

And a few other pictures from San Antonio that I forgot about...playing with cute cousin Dustin Friday night.

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Emily said...

Marci--I love this idea--it warms my heart!