Friday, December 20, 2013

Trimming the Tree

We FINALLY got our Christmas tree up on Sunday, the 8th...yes, EIGHT days into the month!!! This is unheard of for me but we just simply had NO time and it is kind of a big ordeal. Even though all the other decorations were up the 1st, the kids kept asking about the tree. It may be a pain, but once it is up, I sure do love it (and the nice ambiance the lights give the room while we watch all our Christmas movies this month). The kids loved decorating it and they are getting a lot better at spacing out their ornaments :-).

from the phone...
enjoying the tree with movies that night

looking cute and Christmasy at church earlier in the day

and from earlier in the week...
Preston on a photo shoot with me one morning (we moved it up to get it done before the cold front hit)

painting at little school

having fun in the sun roof waiting to pick the girls up at school

And Addie looking cute during Ella's piano lesson

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