Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vegas Baby!

Mike had the entire week off from school for Thanksgiving this year, so even though the girls were actually supposed to go to school Monday and Tuesday, we took off early.
Sunday, the 24th, we went to Elouise's baby blessing (she was adorable of course), went home to finish packing and hit the road to San Antonio. We haven't been out to see Mike's family at their home in quite awhile so it was great to be back. We visited a bit, got the kids in bed and the next morning Mike and I flew out bright and early for a quick trip to Vegas. We ate lots of yummy food, scoped out some reality TV sites and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Man, it was SO quiet! I loved it :-). In N Out was my favorite of the trip this time around. I always think it's good, but nothing I'm DYING for, but this time it just really hit the spot.
The kids had tons of fun with Meema and Papa while we were gone and it was great to escape our busy lives for a bit! Thank you, thank you! I'm ready to go back :-).
Preston was feverish all Sunday morning and then threw up twice...once before we left and once on the road. Luckily it was over fast and by that night he was already feeling much better. It has become his road trip tradition :-).
How do kids sleep in these positions?!
And we made it to Vegas! First stop brunch at Hash House.
A super nice security guy took us around and took pictures of us at all the photo-ops when we visited the Pawn Stars shop.
We found the sister wives' new houses...Brown, J/Brown, C/Brown, M/ and Brown, K. Didn't catch a glimpse of anyone though.
Our hotel was awesome (we stayed at the Wynn) and was my favorite of the casinos we walked through. We got our Cafe Rio fix, found a SUPER delicious GLUTEN FREE pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and even saw where the sister wives sell their super ugly jewelry.
In the morning we slept in, burned some calories before heading to In N Out for the hugest meal ever (the two of us ate ALL that!!!), did a little shopping and then it was back to the airport. Vegas is such a perfect quick getaway town!

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