Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve, Part 1

I almost forgot, Monday happened first though.
We got things done around the house, Ella had a swim practice that afternoon that Cheryl and Hope came to (and we headed out early and hit the mall first). We came home and got ready quickly to go to the movies with the rest of the family. Everyone was planning to go see Saving Mr. Banks, which I assumed was rated PG. We had seen previews for it at Frozen, it looked cute, and it was about Walt Disney and Mary Poppins, why wouldn't it be?! The initial plan was that Mike was going to stay home with Preston but then at the last minute he decided to come. We were all hungry and he will see anything at the Alamo just to eat and relax :-). So, we decided to just bring Preston with us. When we went to buy our tickets the Alamo told us Preston couldn't come in...their age requirement is 6 years old, unless it is a movie like Frozen. Mike went to run him to Itty Bitty City really quickly and I walked into the theater with the girls. That is when I first noticed it was rated PG-13. At that point we had them just stay anyway and luckily most of the adult topics went over their heads, but it definitely is not a take the family to the movies show. I felt especially bad about doing this since I have recently made a big deal about Ella not getting to read a book series she REALLY wants to read that I do not think is age appropriate. And then I take her and Addie to a PG-13 movie, haha. It was fun to all go together though and we hung out at our house some more that night and finally got some Scum playing in!
The kids were SOOO excited to wake up Tuesday morning knowing it was FINALLY Christmas Eve! They promptly came and woke us up...well, mostly Mike :-), yelling, "Wake up Dad! It's Christmas Eve!!!" We have a strange little tradition of going to McDonald's for breakfast on Christmas Eve (it all started in 2009 but Ella made it official starting in 2010). The nice thing is that this year we didn't even bother getting the kids dressed and headed over in our's just McDonald's afterall :-)...and we have the place to ourselves.
Then it was back home to kill time until the big Christmas Eve dinner. Mike took the kids to the track to run around while he got his run in and I made the breakfast casseroles for the next day's brunch. People stopped by to chat and eat some snacks and keep me company while I cooked. We then attempted to put together our gingerbread house and failed yet again. We have never had very much success in our building, and the kids are just as happy to decorate a piece of the house and get to eat it immediately.
We have quite a few advent caledars for Christmas (Ella makes a little schedule for us to follow to keep track of whose turn it is to do which one) and this was a new one. It was vinyl and each day you stuck a new ornament on the tree. The kids LOVED it! I wish I had ordered two. It was through some online deal site so I have no idea where it even came from but they loved it.

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