Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Miner Family Fun Begins

The first post of the new year and I'm not even close to having Christmas posts done yet. Eventually :-).
Saturday, December 21st, was our first day to hang out with the whole gang! Scotto had made it down from Kansas and Mack and Cheryl had arrived from Florida. Cheryl is due to have her first baby in just a few weeks so I was so happy they still made the drive. We don't get to see them enough! We hung out at my grandparent's house for awhile, ate dinner at a yummy new Mexican restaurant and then hung out at our house after.
On Sunday, the 22nd, we all went to my parent's ward where we managed to fit in the middle pew...just barely. It was definitely VERY cozy and the last time we can do it. Even with my dad on the stand and the little kids sitting on laps we were super squished...good thing we love each other :-) . I went to our ward's sacrament meeting as well because I had to speak. Although I always dread it, speaking for 5 minutes during the Christmas program was not nearly as stressful :-). We got together at Kayley and Scott's that afternoon for a Mexican buffet and more hanging out.
Hope gave each of us a present that night so we could use it a bit before Christmas was over. We were all SOOO excited! It was such a thoughtful gift. Growing up someone had given our family a little green wooden tree like this and EVERY year it is full of red and green M&M's all month long. Hope, with the help of her friend's dad, cut out a tree, painted it, and put the plastic covering on it for each of us. I am excited to use for years to come.
We drove by some great lights on our way home that night and then were able to spend more time with Mack and Cheryl after all the kids were in bed. I wish they lived closer!
The girls were talking in the living room and were treated to two shows by the kids. One to Ella's rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a less choreographed dance to Addie's Jingle Bells.

A Sunday shot from Cheryl :-)
Ella loves being the oldest cousin and this holiday season really loved playing with her younger cousins...and they loved her too. Oliver even started saying her name, which made her week!

Preston LOVES to sing in the car. He knows what he wants to hear too and definitely controls what we listen too at least 75% of the time :-). Of all the Christmas songs he loved this year though, Jingle Bell Rock was his very, very favorite. We listened to it over and over and over again. As long as he is singing along in his cute voice I don't mind though.



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