Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adeline is SEVEN

I don't know when or how it happened but Addie turned seven years old on January 29th. It is crazy and also means we have been our house for seven years, since we moved in when I was SUPER pregnant with her...and that seems just as crazy. We arrived home from our Florida adventure the night before her real birthday and since that was the main celebration, her actual birthday was low-key. We still made sure she felt special though! She picked ChickFilA for breakfast, I delivered donuts to the school for her class and she picked creamy lemon chicken on rice with asparagus for dinner...and more donuts for dessert. Preston and I had lunch at school with her on Friday and she wanted Subway for that special treat. Addie also got to open her presents from us and from Meema and Papa. She was thrilled with each thing she opened and was smiling all night long :-)!
Some things about Miss Adeline at 7 years old...
She was hilarious at her well-check. The doctor was asking if she liked healthy food and she said "YES! We are going to Wendys after this and I am not even getting french fries to be healthy!" When asked where she should sit in the car she answered "On my bottom." :-) And those are just a couple of her charming answers.
She weighed 52 lbs (57th%) and was 48 inches tall (47th%).
Addie is still a creative machine. Each and every day she is making something out of paper and tape, drawing, opening a store for a new good or service she is providing, making a costume to wear or writing a new story. Today she made cotton candy by cutting all the fluff off fluffy pom-pom balls, packaged them in little boxes she made using construction paper and sold them to us for a penny. I am not at all creative in this kind of way so I am constantly amazed by the things she comes up with!
She has tried many new activities this year including art classes (she took a painting class this fall and is in a little drawing one now), swimming (summer swim team and she just recently started up lessons again to learn the butterfly and breaststrokes) and piano. I didn't start Ella in piano until 2nd grade, but Addie was always playing around on the piano and told me she wanted to start, so we let her. She is doing really well and I have been impressed by how well she does during her lessons even though they are right after a long day at school. Although she does awesome at school academically (her Spanish teacher tells me often how impressed she is by how much Addie is willing and able to write and speak in Spanish), is interested in learning about everything from birds to planets to the water cycle, and seems to excel at anything she wants to do, she still wants to be an artist when she grows up. It will always be her first love I think.
Her favorite color is still purple and her favorite animals are still cats (although she has a growing interest in birds).
The school year started out amazing behavior-wise and has hit a few rocky patches since then. Her teachers have been wonderful with her and I think provide a good balance of nurture/love and strictness. She has also had some opportunities at school to work on some of her social quirks and I think they have helped her in making better choices. Most of her good friends were put in the other TWI class but she seems to have done well making a few new friends this many as she wants anyway :-).
Addie definitely likes routines. Every morning she has cereal for breakfast and drinks her green smoothie without complaint (although not enthusiastically either). Every day for lunch she wants a turkey sandwich on a ricecake with lots of mustard. Every night before bed she MUST have a prayer and be sung I Am A Child of God while getting a back scratch.
Favorites: She loves listening to the Frozen soundtrack right now, her favorite chips are Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream, her favorite vegetables are broccoli and asparagus, her favorite fruits apples and any berries, and her favorite books are the Bad Kitty series although we started reading the Chronicles of Narnia series at bedtime and she loves it. She doesn't have a particular TV show or movie she loves but she does like to relax and watch whatever the other kids are watching (oh, and on the iPad, it is Minecraft all the way).
Life is definitely kept interesting by Addie and I really, really hope for everyone to see the sweet, compassionate, happy and amazing girl she is. She is fascinated by the world around her and I love to observe her just taking it all in, often with a big smile on her face. When her eyes light up as she discovers something new I LOVE it.
When I think of Addie that is what I picture in my mind :-). I know she has big things in store!


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