Thursday, March 13, 2014

All Things Texas

The rodeo has arrived in Houston! Considering how long we have lived in Houston and how much we love Texas, I have not done a great job at getting into the rodeo (or purchasing any type of western wear for any of us). Every year I want to go to the Katy Rodeo and we just never have! I took the kids to the Houston rodeo one year and it was fun, but we skipped school to go and we haven't wanted to go back badly enough to skip again or to fight the crowds during spring break. Maybe next year :-).
With rodeo season comes all the festive Texas events at school though. Preston's preschool had a rodeo parade on the 6th with some songs afterwards and the girls' school (who I will forever love for not have a zillion dress-up days) had a Texas history night. Ella and Preston had swimming but we hurried over to the school after and caught the end of the event. There was a chili cook off, bluebell ice cream (arguably my favorite thing about Texas :-), a little folk music group playing and displays of texas wildlife and historical items. AND the pop-up books the 4th graders made about TX history were on display. I love that Ella's in Spanish. Yee Haw!
We lucked out when Ella was able to score an orange bandanna at her stake Activity Days activity the Saturday before.
I was videoing this with my left hand while taking pictures with my big camera in my other hand, so I must admit I was pretty impressed with myself when I saw how well it actually turned out. I was convinced I probably recorded a bunch of feet!



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