Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Before the Cold

Sunday morning, the 2nd, was warm and humid. With church not starting until 1pm now the kids HAVE to get some wiggles out before church! Ella and I took advantage of the nice weather and went on a 2 mile run. She is nearly done with her running for the program at school Read, Deed and Run where you read 26 books, do 26 good deeds and run 26 miles during the school year...the other two were easy for her to finish and if she could count swimming for her runs that would have been a piece of cake too, but it doesn't so we are trying to finish them up. Addie and Preston were playing outside and when we got back they had collected "everything with circles" into a big pile on the driveway, which although it may have been creative, didn't thrill me. Oh, in case you are worried, Mike was home while Ella and I were out :-).
We had enjoyed a great weekend of beautiful weather and NO photo shoots OR swim meets. It was amazing! We went into church and then when we walked out to go home it was COLD outside. The temperature dropped from the 70s to the 30s that afternoon within an hour. It was insane! And then a gross, cold, dreary week began again...in MARCH!!! I have never felt so ready for summer in all my life!
And at church...Preston looking cute, Addie feeling spiritual :-), and I never got one of Ella who was rocking some serious hand-me down jewelry from Hope and Kayley.

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