Friday, March 7, 2014

Ella's Spring Champs Meet

The last weekend of February was the big spring champs meet for Ella's swim season. This was her last chance to get some good times in before the coaches decided which swimmers should move up to higher-level groups so it was pretty important. Even though she was SOOO close to a BB time in butterfly AND breaststroke, she had some old times in freestyle that we needed to get updated so she didn't get to swim fly, which she was a little bummed about. She swam 6 races over the weekend and did awesome! She earned her first BB time on the 100 breaststroke and was ONE second away on the 100 IM. That was her last race of the meet and she was pretty mad that she was so close :-). It was a big meet with a lot of great swimmers and I was really proud of her! (and keep in mind on her placing that most of the swimmers are 10)
Ella is moving up a level after spring break though, and so is her best buddy Grace, so they are both so excited! Go Ella Bella!!!
(and yes, there are videos of every race...for those so inclined to watch :-)
100 Breaststroke
seed time: 1:46.85
this meet: 1:44.31 (BB time)
(20th/26 9-10 year olds)

200 Freestyle
no seed time
this meet: 3:17.18 (first B time in freestyle!)

50 Free
seed time: 46.92
this meet: 41.69
54th/66 (freestyle is her least fave)

waiting between races
50 Breast
seed time: 50.21
this meet: 48.42 (B close to BB)

100 Free
seed time: 1:54.57
this meet: 1:31.47

100 IM
(it's amazing how much she has improved in one year!)
seed time: 2:10.51 (from last spring)
this meet: 1:34.80 (B time...SO close to BB :-)

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