Sunday, March 9, 2014

Finishing Up February

Preston was supposed to dress "handsome" for preschool on 2/18 to celebrate the wedding of Q and U. He was pretty excited because "we get to have cake because you HAVE to have cake at a wedding!"
I got to go to Activity Days with Ella and sit on a panel talking about talents. The baker was definitely the favorite talent for everyone, including me :-)!
While Ella and I spent the weekend at her swim meet, Addie and Preston created their own fun :-). Play-doh FINALLY (Preston had been wanting to do it all winter and it finally got warm enough to do it outside) and catching rolly pollies.
Monday, the 24th, the week started off with a bang! We got all loaded up in the car to head out for the day and it wouldn't start. The tardy bell was going to ring in 15 minutes and we hurried off to walk instead. We were extremely lucky that it happened to be one of the warm, dry mornings of the last few weeks and the walk was actually pretty fun. We made it there only 5 minutes late and then Preston and I had to walk all the way back (but he did get to play on the playground). I missed going to the gym and completing all my errands, but I have a volunteer job for Ella's swim team that I had to get done that day delivering flyers to various elementary schools. Luckily my mom saved the day. She came and picked us up, with the two kids she watches in tow, and then let me use her car to get my job done. When Mike got home he figured out it was a simple fix...which was both a relief but also a little annoying since it messed up my whole day :-)!
Grace forgot her swim cap one practice and she and Ella thought it was HILARIOUS that they were both Ella for the day :-). (and for the record that is what Ella chose to have printed on her cap...I suggested Freeman)
Beauty helping me avoid my dreaded ironing job. (it's still there weeks later if you are wondering)
Preston and I had a "birthday" lunch with our August birthday girl and she looked so cute in the outfit she styled that I couldn't help but embarrass her to get a picture.
Another stop at the wishing flowers.
Tutti Fruitti to celebrate Preston moving up a level at his swim lessons.
I took this picture to show my mom that Ella wears the headband she gave her for Valentine's Day almost everyday, but I posted it when instagramming her getting moved up a level at swim.

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