Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We are busy, busy, busy as usual. Here are some phone pics capturing some of our everyday moments from early February.

We have breakfast at ChickFila about twice a month. The kids love it. I love that it's not crowded and we have it down so that we aren't even tardy for school afterwards.
I helped Preston send Valentine pencil-grams to the girls at their school and he thought he was HILARIOUS to sign his name with $ for the 's'. He called them "rich s's" haha! That kid cracks me up!
I hosted February's book club and my dear friend Susan baked me my own little crustless chocolate cheesecake. I LOVE her desserts and especially loved my little gluten-free version!
To celebrate the 100th day of school Addie had to bring in a project with 100 of some item. She makes these so easy for me...when I can fulfill her vision anyway. She knew she wanted to draw a gumball machine and use fluffballs for gumballs. She does it completely on her own. I just have to provide the supplies.
All bundled up for a freezing cold photo shoot...it's been a looong winter!
Family movie trip to the Alamo
Preston started swim lessons this month so that he will hopefully be ready to be on the summer swim team this year. The water is FREEZING at the lessons though so I ordered him this little wetsuit on amazon. He looks so adorable in it and it has helped a bit.
Addie at her well-check
All the kids enjoying Preston's latest book pack from his little school
We spotted a field of "wishing" flowers on our way home from preschool with Ryan one afternoon and stopped to make wishes.

And Ella and Preston being silly on the way home from swimming

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