Sunday, March 16, 2014

Loose Ends

We are home from an amazing adventure and I have a few random early March pictures to post before I get there.
The weeks leading up to spring break were spent enduring more freezing weather, trying to keep up with our crazy schedules, getting all my photo shoots edited and off in the mail, finalizing the plans for the kids and for our trip and then packing the night before we left.
 We also celebrated Grammy's birthday the night before we headed out of town. We went out to eat at Red River BBQ and then headed to our house (since we live close) for the yummy dessert Frog brought. Super yummy and super fun!
the ice covered trees were beautiful and the kids were in awe
Big Preston and baby Preston :-)
best place to be on a freezing day? Under a big heater!!!
Happy Birthday Grammy!

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