Friday, April 25, 2014

And then April arrived!

And with the arrival of April came some beautiful weather, some crazy cold weather and lots of other fun.
Meema sent some yummy Easter treats for the kiddos
Miss Adeline was the star of the week at school and worked really hard on her poster
We tried out the new breakfast at taco bell...and decided we like their other food better
Ella had her first article in the school newspaper
Mike is such a good dad and decided to take Ella on date. she chose to go to Chuck E Cheese
Mike went out of town for a few days to go to the Masters (more on that to come) and we enjoyed the beautiful afternoons while he was gone...and went out to eat a lot.
Cuties before school, playground before preschool and dinner at Panera
This year the girls have practiced piano before school and it has worked out so much better than we used to try getting it done after school. Plus, Addie just looked so cute this day :-)
I had muffins with mom at Preston's preschool on Thursday, the 10th.
I was going to the gym right after and as we were parking at the school Preston asked, "are you wearing that?" So funny how kids care so much about that stuff even that little! I promised to dress nicely for his Easter party the next week.
It's always my favorite thing to see what kids put on these...and I made sure to wear a dress to the Easter party after seeing this :-). And look at that cute face!
And here is a funny story.
Friday, April 11th, was the day of our school's Funky Friday event. It is our favorite event of the year! The kids look forward to it all year long and it has ALWAYS been on a half day. I'm assuming that is the reason why I had written on my calendar that the 11th was a 1/2 day. So all week long when I would talk about our plans with the kids I would talk about Friday being a half day. Rio 2 came out that day so we decided to go see a matinee at the Alamo and get lunch and I invited my Grandma to come with us. We were all so excited about it. Then on Thursday evening I mentioned something about the half day to a friend who told me I was crazy and that it was NOT a half day. We checked the Katy ISD calendar and sure enough, it was a regular old Friday. I didn't want to change our fun plan last minute though so I picked the girls up at the half day time and we headed to the movie anyway :-).

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