Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to the Usual

There was no time for easing back into our regular routine when we got back from Peru, it was suddenly Monday and we had things to do! Like school schedules, delivering flyers for Katy Aquatics, NINE photo shoots (I gave myself a break before we left), swim practices, piano lessons, homework, laundry, etc, etc, etc. Plus, we had to get our March Madness brackets filled out!
There was St. Patrick's Day
and finding remnants of Preston's mischief (this looks like it could have been a scary situation!).
Having friends over to play
and stopping AGAIN to play in the "wish flowers" (this is now a Thursday afternoon ritual).
Crazy hat and sock day at school,
and Ella's swimathon fundraiser.
She swam the entire two hours again but this time only missed the goal of 200 laps by TWO.
We ended our week getting to watch Ollie and Lulu for a bit and my kids were so excited.
I was feeling over-confident and walked them all to the park. Ella wiped out on her scooter on the way and was dripping blood, Preston got tired of riding his bike so we left it in the grass by a random mailbox to pick up later and while feeding Lulu a bottle with one hand I tried to keep track of everyone else when we got there. Luckily Mike got back home and was able to come and pick up injured Ella and the bike. If you have 5 kids, spaced every two are my hero :-)!
don't worry, a haircut was on the schedule for the next week!
Lulu is such a good girl, when I looked over and noticed this she wasn't even crying, just doing her best to get it off.
And Ollie loves Ella so much. I brought him with me to drop her off at her book club meeting (her friend from church started a 4th grade girls bookclub and Ella LOVES it!). He cried and pointed to her seat saying "Ella sit" for a bit after she left.

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