Monday, April 14, 2014

cuteness catch-up

catching up from the phone...
Preston's answers on this were awesome!
I know his teacher thinks we are pretty amazing parents when his favorite foods are lollipops, chocolate bars and potatoes :-).
pictures from his little school teacher (3/26)
I spent the majority of the day doing my first mini-shoots on 3/28. My friend Katie came and helped me and they went really well which was a relief. I was a little nervous to try them. I got home just in time to take Ella to Women's Conference and we got to sit with Hopie. We got blizzards afterwards and had a fun little date!
Gorgeous Sunday morning weather (3/30) and Mike snapped a pic of Addie and I with our matching hair at church. I don't ever do my hair for church now that I'm in nursery :-).
Mike's car had to go to the shop for a couple days. One day we dropped him off at school early in the morning and then I picked him up, but the next day he took my car and we walked to school. It was great weather and the walk there is actually quite fun. It's the walk back with Preston that gets a little rough :-), so we brought the scooter this time. We even had time to stop at a playground on our way.
Addie has been perfecting new rainbow loom creations
More fun at little school (4/2). Heather does such an amazing job!!! (and she is 8 months pregnant and has 3 little kids of her own!)
I loved finding this paper in Addie's folder. The other side of the paper was a graphing activity the class did based on their favorite places to visit. Addie didn't understand that the questions on the back were supposed to be based on the graph so she just filled in random facts she knew you wear boots to the rodeo :-). I've got to give her props for not leaving it blank.

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