Saturday, May 10, 2014

Class Pictures and more

I loved that this year I could purchase just the class pictures for all the kiddos. I never buy the portraits but it will be nice to remember who was in their class and what their teachers looked like. And I just have to say, I couldn't get over how the quality of class pictures has NOT changed since I was in elementary school! So weird.
prest class
I was glad they had both Addie's teachers in the picture since she has them each equally, too bad Ella's didn't.
addie class
ella class
More pictures from the beginning of April...
For Christmas from Nana and Grandad Ella wanted a movie date to see the new muppets movie and it FINALLY came out (and we finally had a free weekend for her to go).
Rainbow loom nightmare one morning before school...we still have never finished resorting them all :(.
frisbee time with dad on a beautiful afternoon
I snagged this from a friend's blog of Ella and her church buddies at an activity where they planted flowers for an elderly woman from church. She is so sweet and I have heard that she LOVES the flowers. Ella looks forward to her activities every couple weeks and won't miss them for anything!
March and April 2014 161
I won best mom ever status the day this book arrived in the mail
Preston always keep me entertained running errands. This day at the bank he was running back and forth in front of the camera and it was cracking me up to see his little blur going across the screen.
And finally that afternoon, Thursday April 17th, we hit the road to Florida for our Easter vacation. Those pictures are up next on my editing list!

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