Friday, May 23, 2014

FINALLY Ella's Room Re-Do (and her first long course swim meet)

I don't even remember when we started Ella's room makeover but I know we did most of it over Christmas break. We painted the walls gray, brought the white bed back in and pretty much got all new everything. We just recently got the curtains up finally and I still want a little chandelier to hang over her reading chair, but I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of it anyway! It is my favorite room in the house after our family room :-).
ella room 1
ella room 2
ella room 3
ella room 4
ella room 5
ella room 7
ella room 8
ella room 6
I couldn't find a recent before picture, but the walls were still this color, the bedspread was the same, so it is a BIG change!
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On another note, Ella wanted to keep swimming with Katy Aquatics during the summer season this year as well, which means she is participating in the long course season. Long course means they are swimming in a 50 meter pool instead of the typical 25 yard ones. The meet ended up being at A&M and Mike took Ella. I had SOOO much editing to get done so I decided to skip this one. I was bummed not to be there and Ella was a little stressed about it, but I just couldn't be gone all day long. Ella did pretty well. It wasn't her best day but she did get an awesome backstroke time that was only 1 second off a BB time. She got DQ'd on her butterfly which was weird since that is one of her best strokes. I was glad I got to come to her next one!
100 M backstroke
1:49.11 (the BB cut-off is close!)
33rd/72 10&unders
(her previous best in yards was: 1:40.57 and this meet's the converted time was: 1:36.33)
(she's in the 2nd lane from the top)

200 IM
17th/35 10&unders
(her previous best in yards was:3:29.64 and this meet's converted time was: 3:21.05)
(second from the miss her dive in)

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So cute! Great job👍