Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mark's Blessing and our Beachy Drive Home

After our eventful morning we freshened up and headed to church for the event we all came to Florida for, Mark's baby blessing. It was pretty special to have us all there together and Mack gave a sweet blessing. We took lots of pictures afterward and then me and the kids changed into our road-tripping clothes to hit the road. Mike HAD to be back at school Monday morning, so he was flying home that night and the kids and I were planning to drive half way and then finish up Monday. It ended up Mike was on the same flight as Scott and Kayley so he was able to get rides with them which was perfect. I have never been to Gulf Shores, AL and have always wanted to see it, so that is where the kids and I headed even though it was a slight detour. We didn't get to spend much time there but we made sure to stop by the beach for a bit early Monday morning before finishing our LOOONG drive home. I hate driving, but the kids did great (I even listened to a long book on CD) and we were fortunate to not hit any traffic at all the entire 2 days of driving. It definitely felt good to arrive home though! We are looking forward to see the Florida Miners this summer!
We tried to get pictures of all the (great)grandkids together, but after 3 days of craziness and an hour in church this is what we got :-).

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