Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Madness...cats, summer swim, RDR, banquets, dance clinics

I am so glad it is the last day of May today! School is almost out, TWENTY-ONE photo shoots are done (ahhh, that was crazy), piano lessons and other after school clubs are over. Tomorrow Mike and I celebrate our 12th anniversary and between swim meets and end of year parties we won't be doing much to celebrate (but we counted Peru as our anniversary trip, so really it was a pretty exciting one :-). I'm looking forward to a few weeks of just swimming and wrapping up my last shoots of the summer before we head out on our big road trip. Hooray for no schedules!!!

But at the beginning of May, when I was stressed about the upcoming weeks, this is what was going on:
bonding with Eddie and taking him to the vet
Addie had moved to Preston's room to sleep on the floor and get away from her crazy kitty keeping her up, but he found her :-)
Swimming BFFs were reunited
I sadly missed the big finale of Ella's Read Deed and Run program through the school district.
Every other Wednesday after school this year she met with the 4th and 5th graders participating and either ran a mile or did a good deed. On her own she also did both of those things and kept a reading log of the books she read. By the end of the school year the kids had to have run 26.2 miles, read 26 books and done 26 hours of service to complete the program. The whole district got together and ran the last 1.2 miles together on Saturday, May 3rd. I think it is such a neat program and I'm glad Mike took some pictures while I was out on shoots.
That night I had more shoots :( (I have to schedule them so far in advance that it is impossible for me to know every event the kids will have going on when I do it). So Mike and Ella went on a special date to her Katy Aquatics Swim Team banquet. Ella LOVES going to this event which I think is so cute. This year was an even bigger deal though because Olympian Cammile Adams spoke and handed out the awards.
then there was more of eddie, more dates with dad (I didn't get a picture of him and Preston when they went), friends over and more swim practice fun
We also had GORGEOUS weather!!!!
And to cap off the first week, Ella attended a little dance clinic one of the teachers at her school put on. Two of her good friends went and she lots of fun (this is May 7th). They were supposed to have white pom poms but they didn't arrive in time (they got there the next day of course :-), so they improvised with grocery bags.


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