Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ella's Swim Meet, Addie Rides a Bike and Hope Goes to Prom

The weekend of May 17th Ella had another long course swim meet. This one was closer to home so some of her fans were able to come cheer her on :-). Nana, Grandad and Grammy came to the first round of races and Kayley and Ollie came to the second ones. She had some great races in the first round, but was a little off the 2nd day, which is bound to happen sometimes. I really loved the pool this meet was at though, so we were excited to get to go to another meet there this past weekend (and it went waaay better!).
Ella wasn't happy about the race she had just finished in this one :(
Here are some videos from day 1 (I didn't take any day 2).
This first one was the most exciting of the meet because she earned her first BB Butterfly time!
100M Butterfly
(she's in the middle of the pool)
Seed time: 1:56.06
This meet: 1:52.07 (9th/16)

200M Freestyle
(2nd from right)
Seed time: 3:43.25
This meet: 3:28.63 (14th/29)

100M Breaststroke
(2nd from right)
Seed time: 1:58.10
This meet: 1:59.15 (12th/36)

50M Butterfly
Seed time: 51.67
This meet: 51.15 (21st/35)
100M Backstroke
She got DQ'd on her flip turn :(
200M IM
Seed time: 3:47.72
This meet: 3:51.63 (15th/24)
This weekend was also when Addie mastered riding with 2 wheels! We are now a family of bike riders and have gone on many bike rides since...definitely makes me excited to have everyone growing up!

AND Hope went to her Senior Prom too. Ella and I went to take some pictures of her (she looked gorgeous) and then we went and got our nails done together :-).

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