Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Meet of the Summer Season

Saturday, May 31st, was our first official summer swim meet. It was a home meet at our pool and the head coach from the other team (Firethorne) turned out being Ella's first coach from Katy Aquatics who we LOVED (Steph) so it was fun to see her again. The kids did well and had fun and we all survived the day :-).
Preston's Freestyle
seed: 1:08.18 this meet: 51.60
(in middle lane)

Adeline's Freestyle
seed: 30.67 this meet: 27.47
(3rd from right)

Ella's Freestyle
seed: 17.28 this meet: 17.08
(very right)

Preston's Backstroke
seed: 1:25.93 this meet: 1:31.75
Addie's Backstroke
seed: 35.29 this meet: 31.43
(middle lane)

Ella's Backstroke
seed: 23.57 this meet: 22.10
(2nd from left)

Ella's IM
seed: 1:37.06 this meet: 1:35.81
(very left side)

Ella's Breaststroke
seed: 24.26 this meet: 24.03
(middle lane with yellow cap)

Ella's Butterfly
seed: 19.75 this meet: 19.72
(very right)


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