Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Preston at 5

I can't believe my little Prestonian is FIVE years old! He is a little ball of energy, spunk, and laughter that is constantly chattering away about anything and everything. I haven't been doing great at keeping up with the blog and taking pictures of our everyday, but I do want to be sure to at least get down some of the things I want to remember most about Preston at this age.
He is a charmer. He is both extremely adorable and super smart and he uses that to his advantage :-), getting away with much more than he really should.
He is inquisitive. ALL DAY LONG I am being questioned about everything I say, whatever he sees, anything that crosses his mind. He is also our little chatterbox...which I guess goes along with his curious mind.
He is argumentative. From the time he started talking he would push boundaries and disagree with what you said even if it was something he should want. This trait also fits well with the previous two :-).
He loves "building" and wants to be a builder when he grows up. Preston's two most favorite things in the world right now are Legos and Minecraft. They are the only things he does in his free time, aside from riding his bike, which he also loves.
He is a jokester. The more you laugh at him, the sillier he becomes :-). I love the look on his face when he says something funny to someone and he is waiting to see their reaction...so much eager anticipation.
He is a sweetheart. I get told "I love you mom" all the time, and when I least suspect it. I love it and I love him!
He loves his sisters, he loves to "attackle" dad (a word he made up that combines tickle and attack), he loves to cuddle, he hates to be alone. (for the entire month of May he actually got SUPER clingy and was upset if I had to leave him anywhere, even the gym. luckily he is back to being fine about it again, although he does like to know the exact number of minutes I will be gone...he knows exactly how many minutes are in 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours as a result)
He loves white blank, electronics, watching movies, "reading" books, and following instructions (whether with legos or with his other building type sets).
Most mornings he has toasted waffles with peanut butter on them, although he sometimes will have cereal, and is the slowest to drink his green smoothie. His favorite lunch is a sandwich with peanut butter, honey AND jelly on it, and he's not a huge dinner eater but usually eats what we are having without too many complaints. His favorites are probably pizza, spaghetti and salmon. He likes salad, celery and asparagus for veggies and likes ALL fruit, definitely our least picky about that. He also likes snacks and treats the most too though :-).
Preston is SOOO excited that he is going to the big school with the girls in the fall. I think he may be a little less excited once he realizes how long he will be gone each and every day of the week, but I'm glad he is looking forward to it. He will be in the Two-Way Immersion program that the girls are in and I'm so excited for him to have Mrs. Torres. She is my very favorite teacher!
He also participated in swim team this year with the girls. He has had a hard time with practices...it's a lot of swimming for his little body so he gets tired and bored and stops paying attention, but he has done ok at the meets and his swimming has gotten much stronger. Not to mention he looks so cute.
I remember bringing home my little man and being so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. The third baby rocked my world and took me about 3 years to get back on track from :-). Preston was definitely worth it though. He completed our family and we all love him so much!
At his 5 year check-up he was 39 lbs (37th%) and 43.5 inches (63rd%)

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