Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Scotto, Celebrating Preston and Cute Cats

My little brother Scott deployed with the US Army to Djibouti, Africa on May 31st. He was able to come home for a bit before he left so we got to spend some time with him and celebrate his birthday early. Although it's a little scary having him in a dangerous place, I am proud of him.
Saturday, May 24th, after our swim meet we had a little birthday party.
Monday, the 26th, was Memorial Day. Since the school districts used bad weather days this winter, they decided to use Memorial Day as one of the make-ups. Mike had to go to work, but I didn't make the kids go. Some schools plan some cute patriotic activities but our didn't, so we went to the trampoline place at the mall and then went out to dinner downtown with Mike when he got home. Turns out we headed out of Katy at just the right time. There was crazy flooding and some little tornadoes in the area and we missed the whole thing. It was raining really hard as we headed back home but that was all we saw of it.
It was Preston's year to not have a big party, but he still wanted to do something fun with his friends so we invited everyone to come play at Inflatable Zone with him and brought some cookies to share. Everyone was able to come and he had a blast. So much easier than an actual party for everyone involved :-).
Sometimes I think Beauty and Eddie are making great progress, like when I find them looking so cute like this...
But most days Eddie chases and attacks Beauty and she doesn't like him much :-). Eddie often lays by me on the desk while I edit and one day while all the kids were at school Beauty came up and layed near him. She didn't relax at all the entire time she was up there, yet it was her choice to be there. Cats are so weird :-).
And a couple other randoms from the week.
Preston is really into Legos right now and one day he came in and told me he wanted this set when he turns 80 :-).
Love my little readers.

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