Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In Between Swimming

The next two posts will be swim meets that were only a few days apart, but we did manage to do some things aside from swimming between practices and meets.
June 1st
No big anniversary celebration on our actual day, but we did go for a family bike ride that morning before church (and got another awesome selfie in!).
June 5th
The last day of school was a half day and we went to an ice cream party and then a pool party. Perfect way to ring in the summer!
June 6th
Addie had this "snaggle" tooth for what seemed like FOREVER. She hated letting me inspect it and I hated that one side of it was really stuck in her gum so I couldn't trick her into pulling it out.
Fun at the pool with friends

June 7th
Addie earned another reward at the end of the school year and came to get a mani/pedi with me...and got to drink Sprite!
It was Hopey's graduation and although we skipped the real deal (the fewer of those I have to sit through the better :-), Ella and I stopped by to take some pictures before they headed out.
June 8th
On Memorial Day I was supposed to have a photo shoot at the Houston Temple but we got crazy storms that day and we had to reschedule. We ended up making it a family trip after church and it was a nice Sunday activity. We got to walk around a bit before my clients arrived and I had forgotten how pretty the grounds around the temple are.
June 9th
It came out!!!!!

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