Monday, July 7, 2014

Last Summer Swim Meet!!!

The evening of June 19th was our last meet of our summer season! Addie and Preston were ready to be done I think :-). Ella's relay team was undefeated in both their free relay and the medley relay and we had really been looking forward to first place medals and possibly breaking a record at the Meet of Champs. We found out the week of this meet that one of the girls, Klara, was going to be heading home to Sweden before Meet of Champs though so we were all a bit bummed. On the bright side, it meant Ella's good friend Madeline was on the relay with them instead and Ella was really excited about that. I did make sure to get a picture of the first four though. All three of the kids love their summer swim team friends. Preston loved watching all the boys on their video games :-) and Addie even told me this night that she wanted to go play with her friends...which she doesn't always care about. Ella has been with a lot of these same girls a few years now and it really is fun to get to see them nearly everyday for 2 months. Nana was able to stop by and catch some of the races which was fun and the meet finished earlier than expected...definitely a bonus! Hooray for the Falcon Point Pirates :-)!
Ella's Free Relay (time this meet, 1:02.86)
(middle lane, starts with blue cap)

Addie's Freestyle
(left side with yellow cap)

Preston's Backstroke (he wasn't DQ'd by some miracle so his time improved)
Seed time: 1:08.78 This meet: 1:06.13
(middle with red goggles)

Addie in the yellow cap
Ella's backstroke
(yellow cap)
Seed time: 21.72 This meet: 21.66

Ella's Medley Relay (this meet: 1:16.41)

Klara, Ella, Olivia and Linsey
And Ella wanted one last picture with Claire and Madeline but we thought Claire had left...then we found her but Madeline had left :-).

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